Support Klenengan Pujangga Laras

The funding for Klenengan Pujangga Laras comes entirely from individual supporters, using a funding model of subscription.

Supporters are encouraged to give US$400 per year. As a perk, subscribers can access or receive audio documentation and private links to live streaming video, which are available even after the event.

Lesser amounts are of course welcome, as well as one time donations, but the financial sustainability of the klenengan relies on a core of regular contributions at the recommended amount.


To become a supporter, please contact Kitsie Emerson, <>.

Payment may be made in one of three ways:

  1. By check, payable to Kathryn Emerson and mailed to
    Kathryn Emerson
    2898 Sylvan Dr
    Hickory Corner, MI 49060
  2. By bank transfer to Kitsie’s US $ Bank Of America account in the USA or her Panin rupiah account in Indonesia. Email if you wish to send your funds this method.
  3. In person to Kitsie, in Solo or Jakarta. Some people in the international community in particular like to entrust their subscription with someone they know who is coming through Indonesia—that’s fine too.

We DO NOT accept payments via PayPal as there has been a lot of problems with it in Indonesia and over Indonesian servers.

For more information on budgeting or other questions, contact Kitsie Emerson, <>.