Support Klenengan Pujangga Laras

The funding for Klenengan Pujangga Laras comes entirely from individual supporters, using a funding model of subscription.

Supporters are encouraged to give US$400 per year. As a perk, subscribers can access or receive audio documentation once we process it.
Lesser amounts are of course welcome, as well as one time donations, but the financial sustainability of the klenengan
relies on a core of regular contributions at the recommended amount.

When we are sure we have enough funds for a full fiscal year, we will be able to live-stream the events each month.
But, until we have full funding (12 klenengan), we can only offer audio documentation, dependent on the ability of the klenengan host to record while attending to hosting duties.

To become a supporter, please contact Kitsie Emerson, <>.

You can contribute in any of these ways:

  1. use ZELLE to deposit funds to Kitsie's "5th-3rd" bank account, with the ID:
  2. use WISE to deposit funds to Kitsie's "Bank of America" account, with the ID:
  3. Mail a check, in the name of Kathryn Emerson to:
    Kathryn Emerson
    2898 Sylvan Dr
    Hickory Corner, MI 49060
    This can be done at any time, as my Dad's caretaker deposits the checks. But let me know so I can alert her.
  4. Send funds with anyone coming to Java
  5. deposit, wire transfer, or mail contribution to Kitsie’s US $ Bank Of America account in the USA. Email if you wish to send your funds this method.

We DO NOT accept payments via PayPal as there has been a lot of problems with it in Indonesia and over Indonesian servers.

For more information on budgeting or other questions, contact Kitsie Emerson, <>.